1. 1. To become part of national automotive industry, particularly in manufacturing pressed parts and engineerng services field.
  2. 2. To become a credible company and able to compete with human resources as important assets.



    • 1. To fulfil customer satisfication in quality, delivery and cost.
    • 2. To provide engineerng services that can solve problems that are faced by our customers for the smooth running of their company.
    • 3. To upgrade PT. Cidas Supra Metalindo’s human resources to be reliable, responsible as well to encourage awareness and implementation of K3L ( Healthy and Safety Working Environment ).
    • 4. To continously enhance partnership with customers, vendors and other related parties.




    • 1. To produce pressed part components that meet worldwide automotive industrial standards of quality which are based on ISO 9001:2000.
    • 2. To produce manufacturing fabrication product and engineering services in mechanical, electrical and structural fields based on ISO 9001:2000.
    • 3. To conduct an ongoing effort on quality socialization and improvement with the spirit of KAIZEN to all aspects in the company.
    • 4. To consistently perform proactive communication with customers and vendors in order to receive feed back which is based on mutual partnership.
    • 5. To evaluate and review the quality assurance policies periodically in every two years.



    The image of PT. Cidas Supra Metalindo is not only recognized from the products, that were assembled from engineering processes, production and Quality Control or experiences. In addition, it is also based on certifications or recognitions that were achieved from national or international institutions, such as:

    1. ISO 9001:2008

    2. Best Contribution for 479W Development Award ( Hino Dutro Light truck - Oil Pan product ),PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Company - 2010.

    3. Recognition as a Reputable Company by PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor - 2009.

    4. OHSAS 18001: 2007


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