The ordered products that are produced by our company, as to support automotive sector ( dies, jig, checking fixture ) or steel fabrication and mechanical maintenance, require highly qualified as well as experienced human resources. Therefore, the company positions human resources as important assets by providing training for its employees consistently, especially for those who are stationed in engineering, production and Quality Control departements.

We are cooperating with experienced institutions in technical and managerial mentorings such as IMDIA ( Indonesia Mould and Dies Industry Association ) and YDBA ( Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra ). Several employees who had previously attended training and gone through strict selection assessments are chosen to become certified technical training instructors in mechanical inspection division. That is the basic knowledge but extremely essential in this field which refer to the quality standard measurement principles. Therefore, we also mantain our employees by providing in house trainings from our certified staff. Besides the technical in house trainings, our company also supports training and the implementation of HSE ( Health Safety Environment ) issues.